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Atlantic Cape Community College, a leader in educational technology, offers associate degrees through distance education. Most of the programs are offered through Online classes, available via the Internet. The degree programs available include:

Associate in Science degrees in:

Associate in Applied Science degrees in:

Associate in Arts degree in Liberal Arts with options in:

Atlantic Cape was the first community college in the state to offer a full degree program at a distance, something driven by the needs of the casino industry, where rotating shifts make attending a traditional college class impossible.

Because of the unusual job demands on many residents of the college’s service district, Atlantic Cape became a pioneer in offering Internet-based classes. Atlantic Cape is the community college that serves Atlantic City and employees of the area’s casinos.  Because many casino workers are on shift work they find it difficult to take and complete a traditional college class. Taking a class Online allows them to study whenever it is convenient for them.

Among the first to take Atlantic Cape’s Online classes were a cancer patient and a Cape May County tug boat captain. “The courses are also convenient for those in the military, parents of young children, police officers, firefighters, the disabled and those recovering from illness,” said Maryann Carol, former director of Instructional Technology. The program was designed to make a college education more accessible to those who cannot earn their degree in the traditional method because of work schedules or other responsibilities.

In Online courses, students use their home computer with a connection to an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Through email, discussion boards and the Internet, students and faculty gather together in a true “classroom without walls.”  Students should have a Mac or PC computer with a connection to the Internet through an Internet Service Provider; and some knowledge of downloading and installing software.

Students must be independent learners who can manage time effectively. Atlantic Cape uses learning management software to help faculty and students communicate with one another as if they were in a regular classroom. Students are encouraged during the first week or class to login and write a note to say hello to their professor and fellow students. Then, depending on how their class is structured, they’ll have the opportunity to post comments to class discussions, submit homework, chat with fellow classmates and use the Internet for coursework.