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Annual Appeal Aids ACCC Students

ACCC alumni have the opportunity to assist current students facing financial difficulties by making a contribution to the annual alumni appeal. All donations will provide emergency and supplemental funds for needy ACCC students who canít afford all of the expenses of school.

More than 100 alumni have donated $4,325 so far in 2006. Those funds have been earmarked to help some of the more than 90 second-year nursing students who are facing stiff increases in their lab fees for the fall semester. The fee increase was necessary because of the extraordinary cost of the nursing program due to tripling the number of seats in response to the regional labor shortage. The ACCC Foundation has also chipped in funds for nursing student grants-in-aid.

Unfortunately, student need for emergency and supplemental aid continues to rise faster than the emergency fundís ability to respond. You can still make a gift of $25, $35, $50, $100 or other denomination to assist needy ACCC students. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

For information on how to make a donation, call (609) 343-5634 or e-mail