Diversity & Equity Committee of the Board of Trustees

The Atlantic Cape Community College's Diversity & Equity Committee Board of Trustees was formed in 1984. Concerned citizens, representatives of community organizations, faculty and staff were invited to a series of hearings to discuss minority representation at the College.

The charge of the Diversity and Equity Committee, a subcommittee of the Board of Trustees at Atlantic Cape Community College, is to review the recruiting and hiring practices used to fill faculty and staff positions at the college and also to review the college's student recruitment, enrollment, and retention strategies implemented to sustain a diverse student population at Atlantic Cape.

The committee should review the effectiveness of these initiatives for comparison with the (1) minority demographics of Atlantic and Cape May counties. The committee should also review benchmarks for these initiatives set by other community colleges of similar size and location. Further, the committee is charged to review academic and student support services provided to retain and promote student success at the college. As requested, the committee should actively participate in and support programs that promote college-wide diversity.

Programs & Activities

Each year during Black History Month, the Diversity and Equity Committee, through its college liaison officer and the dean of students and her staff, schedules a month long celebration of African-American programming open to schools and the community.

For additional information, please email Dr. Vanessa O'Brien-McMasters, College Liaison Officer
for the Board of Trustees, Diversity and Equity Committee.

1 Minorities are defined as: American Indian or Alaskan Native, Asian, Black or African
American, Hispanics or Latinos, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islanders, or Other (Under represented populations).