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A student may petition the Academic Standards Committee for the Credit Amnesty Program whereby a student's previous academic record may be expunged. This program is for students who have a four-year break in enrollment at Atlantic Cape, have re- entered and completed 12 credits of college-level course work at Atlantic Cape, with a grade of "C" or better. Credit amnesty will only be granted once during your tenure at Atlantic Cape.

If you can check both of the boxes below, you are eligible to submit your application.
I have a four-year break in attendance
I have completed twelve college-level credits with a grade of "C" or better.
(ENGL070, ENGL080, MATH073, MATH074, or MATH080 and any courses
that begin with DEVA, DEVM, DEVR, DEVS or ESLN are not considered college-
level courses.)
I have read the above statement and description of the Credit Amnesty Program and am submitting my application to be reviewed by the Academic Standards Committee. I understand that all courses approved for the credit amnesty period will be expunged from my records.

Please list the semester(s) for which you are requesting amnesty.

Please provide a narrative on below explaining the reasons for your poor academic performance and your plans for academic success.