Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Program

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Mission Statement

To assist a selected group of culturally diverse, financially eligible students who exhibit the potential to be successful in college in the attainment of their educational goals. The program offers comprehensive support services in a student-centered environment to encourage the pursuit of academic excellence. Services assist program participants in becoming lifelong, independent learners with the tools necessary to graduate and transfer with the skills necessary to succeed in a competitive society.

EOF is one of the nation's most comprehensive and successful state-supported efforts to provide access to higher education for economically and educationally disadvantaged students.

EOF assists low-income residents who are capable and motivated but lack adequate preparation for college study. Helping students succeed and graduate, the EOF supports a wide array of campus-based outreach and support services at 28 public schools and 13 independent institutions in New Jersey.

EOF Program Staff
Paula Stewart Davis, Director (609) 343-5091
Dolores Giannini, Office Coordinator (609) 343-5646
Anita Polanco, Assistant Director (609) 343-5098
Dennis Jones, Counselor (609) 343-5629
Ellen Splaver, Counselor (609) 343-5096

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