Conceptual Physics
College Physics
General Physics
Department of Science and Mathematics
General Physics I & II
(PHYS 225/226)
PHYS225 Syllabus   PHYS226 Syllabus
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Course Description:

The General Physics sequence at ACCC is a calculus-based treatment of introductory physics with strong conceptual development. This is the course taken by those wishing to pursue careers in physics, mathematics, engineering and chemistry. This course meets the laboratory science requirement.

General Physics is taught using a combination of

  • Lecture
  • Microcomputer-based Laboratory
  • Demonstrations
  • Videodisc Demonstrations
The courses are taught on a mathematical level that assumes that Calculus I is taken concurrently with General Physics I, and Calculus II is taken concurrently with General Physics II. Students will develop important problem solving skills, learn about mathematical modeling using calculus, and become familiar with using a computer for scientific graphing and analysis.

For further information, check out the syllabus for General Physics I or General Physics II.

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