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College Physics
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Department of Science and Mathematics
College Physics I & II
(PHYS 125/126)
PHYS125 Syllabus   PHYS126 Syllabus
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Course Description:

The College Physics sequence at ACCC is an algebra \ trig based treatment of introductory physics with strong conceptual development. The course is geared towards programs that require a good understanding of physics without calculus. These may include premedical programs, pharmacy, physical therapy, computer science and some biology and Earth science majors. This course meets the laboratory science requirement.

College Physics is taught using a combination of

  • Lecture
  • Microcomputer-based Laboratory
  • Group Problem Solving Strategies
  • Demonstrations
  • Videodisc Demonstrations
Students will develop important problem solving skills and become familiar with using a computer for scientific graphing.

For further information, check out the syllabus for College Physics I or College Physics II.

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