Transferring Files Using FTP

Setting up the Session Profile

There are several ways to transfer files between remote servers, such as Apple Corporation's FTP server or the VAX, and your local PC. Perhaps the easiest method of file transfer is via WS-FTP. This program is available to faculty and staff by calling the HelpDesk.

In this example, you will set up a profile for your VAX account, to enable you to download files from the VAX to your PC.

  1. When you open WS-FTP, the session profile window opens on top. Click on the New button to create a new profile.
  1. In the Profile Name box, enter vax account.
  2. In the Host Name box, enter
  3. Leave the Host type as Automatic detect.
    1. Enter your VAX account name under UserID and again under Account - this is usually your last name and first initial.
    2. Although it is not recommended, you could enter your password and mark the Save Password box to allow for logging in without password entry in future sessions.
  4. When you are done, click on the Save button to save your profile.

At this point you are ready to connect to your VAX account

Transferring a File From the Remote System to the Local System

  1. Click OK to begin the vax account session.
  2. The bottom of your session screen will scroll your the session log and you will see the transfer completed message when you are connected.
    1. On the right side of the windows you will see your vax account directories, including mail, with the files included in the selected directory displayed below.
    2. The left hand side of the windows is your local system, or your PC. It will indicate the directory you are in - the FTP directory.
  3. You will probably need to change directories to download the file to a specific location on your hard drive or onto a floppy diskette. To change directories, double-click on the drive letter or directory, if displayed, or double-click on the double dots (..) to go up one level on the directory tree. You can navigate through drives and directories this way.
  4. When you are in the directory you wish to use as the destination directory, highlight the file on the VAX side that you want to transfer and click on the <-- arrow to send the file to your local system. The directory listing for your PC will include the file once the file transfer is complete.
  5. Click on the Close button to log-out of the VAX.
  6. To exit WS-FTP click on the EXIT button, or to connect to another remote machine, click on the Connect button and choose another session profile.