Instructional Technology
Fall 2017
"A Day with the Doctors"

Cape May Campus

Picture of cartoon doctorIs your Blackboard course on life support? Have you had a check-up lately? Meet with a "Bb MD" and get the prescription you need for success. We are offering 1 hour appointments for one-on-one tutoring throughout the day. Reserve your appointment now to sit with a "doctor" from the Instructional Technology team and receive assistance with any questions or concerns regarding Blackboard or Turnitin.

Chad Bullock, from the Center for Accessibility, will also be with us to meet with faculty who are interested in learning more about creating accessible course content. When you schedule your appointment please let us know if you would like to schedule time to sit with Chad to discuss accessibility in your course.

Although we are happy to waive the co-pay, registration is required to meet with a "doctor." All appointments will be held in Room 204. Please contact Instructional Technology to schedule your appointment by phone at 1-800-617-2191 or by email at

Tuesday, November 14
Appointment Times
10:00 am
11:00 am
1:00 pm
2:00 pm