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Do you think you have what it takes to work in the hospitality industry? Take this quiz, created by actual students who are learning what it takes to satisfy customers, and see if you can meet - or even exceed - service expectations!

  1. The hospitality industry supports the theory that the customer is always right. How willing are you to listen and empathize with a customer whose complaint seems frivolous, or “wrong?”
  2. How willing are you to “jump in” and assist co-workers who feel “overwhelmed,” or simply having a bad day, to avoid a breakdown in customer service?
  3. How willing are you to work on your days off to cover a co-worker who has called out sick, knowing a “warm body” is desperately needed to replace him/her?
  4. How willing are you to put on a “happy face” and leave your personal troubles at home when you arrive at work?
  5. How willing are you to stay past your scheduled shift on short notice if your supervisor really needs you?
  6. How willing are you to accept an unpaid internship, or special assignment, if it meant gaining experience that would look great on your resume?
  7. If a customer needed your help, but you just signed out to go home, how willing are you to take the time to help them – even though you would not be paid to do so?
  8. A customer has complained to you about receiving terrible service from a co-worker. How willing are you to take ownership of the problem – even though it was caused by someone else?
  9. How willing are you to “snap back,” or “shake off,” an unpleasant customer experience before moving on to the next customer?
  10. How willing are you to “be a team player” and work hard to improve your team’s customer service performance?
  11. How willing are you to accept “constructive criticism” from a customer who finds your food “awful” when everyone else finds it “awesome?”
  12. The hospitality and travel industry is on an upswing since suffering drastic declines as result of 9-11-01. How willing are you to “hang tough” in turbulent times and continue to rally on behalf of the industry.

If you scored between 37-48, then the hospitality industry needs YOU! Based upon your responses, you have the skills and personality to be successful in this field. Apply to enter our program today!

If you scored between 24-36, then the hospitality industry has the potential to be a rewarding career choice. Based upon your responses, you have some of the qualities and skills successful hospitality professionals demonstrate. Register for Orientation to Hospitality and Tourism (HOSP 100) and learn more about whether this field is for you.

If you scored between 12-23, then your skills and personality is most likely a better match with another industry. Please explore the other career programs Atlantic Cape offers. We are certain there is one that matches your skills and personality!