Internship Requirements

“Internship in Hospitality Management” is a required capstone course for all hospitality majors.   It is designed to give students the opportunity to apply formal education to an actual work experience under the supervision of a faculty member and a sponsoring company representative. 

The “Internship in Hospitality Management” course is held in conjunction with a 135-hour work component to fulfill the four credit course requirement.  Class time is designed to provide students with tools and topics (current articles, books, lectures, shared experiences) to assist them in their on-the-job assignments. The hours worked at the sponsoring company location must be in an approved position that is challenging, and affords the student growth and insight into the “real-life” industry experiences.

Once successfully completed, “Internship in Hospitality Management” demonstrates preparedness for selected positions in the hospitality industry or continued academic studies at a four year college or university.   Often, students are extended full-time employment opportunities with their sponsoring company.