Scholarship Committee

Membership - Voting

One full-time faculty member from each department, one counselor/librarian.


One financial aid representative


  • To review the list of the scholarships offered.
  • To create, distribute and publicize scholarship application form sand deadlines within all campus locations.
  • To select qualified recipients.


This committee shall report to the Chief Academic Officer, the Dean of Instruction, and the FAEC.


  • To review all current scholarships offered for the calendar year, as provided by the Financial Aid department, and share this information with the Faculty Assembly.
  • To annually review and revise (if necessary) the scholarship application form prior to its distribution.
  • To assist internal public relations efforts, encouraging students to apply and complete all application requirements.
  • To select qualified recipients who best meed scholarship criteria determined by the donor(s).

CHARGES 2013-2014


                                             Committee Membership

                                                        2013 - 2014



Tom Innocente


Gene LoPresti

Nursing, Allied Health, Physical Education Karen Zaniewski  

Richard Benner

Keith Forrest

ESL Susan DePhilippis Chair
ISAS Marty Halldorson  
Social Science

Mike Bolicki


Al Jou

Marcia Kleinz


Academy of Culinary Arts

Phil Cragg

Counselor Ellen Splaver  
Librarian Vacant  
ADVISORY Membership

Linda DeSantis, Director, Financial Aid

Kristen Grech, Assistant Director, Financial Aid

Maria Kellett, Director, Major Gifts

Torrina Bennett, Community and Alumni Outreach