Sabbatical Leave Committee

Membership - Voting

Vice President of Academic Affairs, acting as chairperson; a department chairperson to be selected by the college president; an educator at large to be selected by the college president; two educators selected by the president of the Association; two members of the Atlantic Cape Community College Organization of Supervisory and Administrative Personnel, selected by the Atlantic CapeOSAP President; one member of the Academy of Culinary Arts Faculty Association, selected by the ACAFA President and one support staff member selected by the SSAAtlantic Cape President.

Ex Officio - Education Association President


Considers sabbatical leave applications. Accepts for review graduate study compensation applications


Reports to the college President. This is not a college committee but a joint committee of the Education Association, Atlantic CapeOSAP and the Administration.


Sabbatical Leave Application

Initial Application for Tuition Reimbursement

Tuition Reimbursement Short Form


                                Committee Membership

                                           2014 - 2015

Member's Description Name Member Selected By:
VP of Academic Affairs, Chair Otto Hernandez  

(1) Dean

Ronald McArthur

College President

(1) Educator at Large

James MacNair

College President

(2) Educators

Claude Fortune

Gene LoPresti

President of the Faculty Association

(2) Members of the Atlantic CapeOSAP

Michelle Perkins

Chris Gamboa

Atlantic CapeOSAP President

(1) Member of ACA Faculty Association Phil Cragg ACAFA President
(1) Member of Support Staff Lisa Givens SSAAtlantic Cape President