Basic Skills Committee

Membership - Voting

Two faculty members from each department delivering Developmental classes and one faculty member from all other departments.


One representative from the Academy of Culinary Arts, Director of Student Development, Testing and the LAC


  • To advise the Chief Academic Officer on the coordination of the basic skills curricula and the maintenance of policies and procedures relating to basic skills.
  • To advise the Chief Academic Officer on the impact of basic skills curricula and requirements on student progress in specific programs and disciplines across the college.
  • To ensure the dissemination of information relating to basic skills through the Faculty Assembly.
  • To review any new or revised basic skills courses and send comments on proposed courses to the Curriculum Committee.
  • To recommend to the Policies and Procedures Committee any academic polices and procedures relating to enforcement of basic skills courses.
  • To recommend to the Academic Standards Committee any new or revised policies regarding satisfactory academic progress in basic skills courses.
  • To request and review basic skills effectiveness reports and make appropriate recommendations to the Academic Senior Dean.
  • To review recommendations and mandates from internal and external agencies on basic skills and respond appropriately.


The Basic Skills Committee shall report to the Chief Academic Officer, the Faculty Assembly, and the FAEC.

Charges 2013-2014


                                            Committee Membership

                                                        2013 - 2014

Department Name
Business Marilyn Keiner


Leila Crawford, Chair

Nursing, Allied Health, Physical Education vacant
Arts/Humanities vacant
ESL vacant
ISAS Bill Dougherty

Social Science

Lisa Stein


Neera Deasai

Counselor Lucy McGlynn
Librarian Vacant
Culinary Jim Usilton
ADVISORY Membership

Patrice Leatherberry- Program Coordinator, LAC

Chris Gamboa - Director, Testing

Nancy Porfido, Director, Student Development


Committee Homepage

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