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Hemispheric Dominance Learning Style Inventory, hosted by Middle Tennessee State University. Easy-to-use. Students answer 18 questions right on the Internet. Results of the inventory are automatically tabulated for them when they are finished. Includes an interpretation of results.

Keirsey Cognitive Personality Style, hosted by David Mark Keirsey, son of Dr. David Keirsey. Similar to the Myers-Briggs Personality Test. Dr. Keirsey's descriptions of temperament are based on the study of people and the study of psychology, including the works of Jung, Myers, etc.Lengthy, but easy to use. Students take both parts of the inventory online. For Part I, students are asked sixteen questions and provided with four possible responses. Students rank each response according to his/her preference. In Part II, students answer twenty questions about themselves. At the conclusion of the test, results are tabulated and explained to the student. For an explanation of how the results are connected to learning style, consult the following Web site:

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