Assignment 1 due second class meeting. Read and study chapter 1 in textbook. Write a summary in your own words of the Major Theoretical Perspectives. Read the article "Your Morning Cup of Coffee" and explain which theoretical perspective best fits. Search the web for a current article on the gun debate. Briefly summarize the article and state your reaction to it. Attach the article to your paper. Be prepared to discuss the article in class. All work typed double spaced, 12 inch font. Again on the web go to "Gun Laws in New Jersey - Wikipedia" and copy the regulations and bring to class.

Assignment 2 due third class meeting. In "Living with Guns" read the introduction and chapter 1. Answer these questions: 1. How did the 1960's affect the gun debate and how did race play a part ? 2. What did the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act, and the Gun Control Act  of 1968 accomplish ? What was a major shortcoming of the Gun Control Act ? What did the Firearms Owners Protection Act do ? 3. What did the Brady bill do ? 4. What cultural divide is written about over guns ? From chapter 2 in the textbook - Research - read the article on Cell Phone Users and answer the 2 question. In the textbook read and study chapter 3 Culture. Look at the explanation of the following terms: formal norms, informal norms, folkways and sanctions. Then use your imagination to describe a fictional culture that illustrates each of these. This can be humorous or serious. Type double space, 12 inch font. Bring hard copy to class.

Assignment 3 due the week after test 1. Read and study chapter 4 in the textbook "Socialization." Today a major Agent of Socialization" is the technology we use daily. With that in mind read the article "Facebook is using You."  Here is the wersite: You can also find it by googling "Facebook is Using You, NY Times.Answer these questions: 1. How do Facebook, Google, etc make money ? 2. How can online information be used against you ? 3. What is "weblining" ? 3. What major point is the article making ? 4 What is your overall reaction to the article  ? From the sociology textbook get the definition of impression management and facework and give your own example of each. Then go to Google and search :  "The Body Ritual of the Nacirema." Print it and bring it to class. From "Living with Guns" read chapter 2 and answer these questions 1. Cite three examples of the use of guns in early America. 2. What does the Declaration of Rights have to do with guns ? What overall message do you take from this chapter ?

Assignment 4 due sixth week (Feb. 26th) Read chapter 3 "Living With Guns." Answer these questions: 1. What danger to freedom did the early founders fear ? 2. Do you think this type of fear is real today ? Explain your answer. 2. What did the Heller case decide in the Supreme Court ? 3. What position  did Adams have on guns ? 4. What point is the author making about the Second Amendment ? Read in the textbook chapter 11 "Stratification by Gender" Summarize in your own words the section on "Social Construction of Gender." What is yor reaction to the points made, please discuss. And summarize the "Sociological Perspectives on Gender." Again in your own words.


Assignment 5 due week of March 5th.Go to this website and read "Violence Against Women Act."   Answer these questions: 1. What prompted this act ? 2. What are the pros and cons ? 3. What is your opinion of the Act ? Please explain. In "Living With Guns" read chapter 4. Answer these questions: 1. What's your reaction to the letters to an English Gentleman ? This is right at the beginning of the chapter. You should see some irony here. 2. Cite 3 examples of gun bans. 3. What is the social compact and how does it relate to guns ? 4. How did race play a part ? In the sociology textbook read chapter 6 "The Mass Media". Explain the perspectives on media and pay attention to the terms in bold print.

Assignment 6 due week after spring break is ONLY FOR THURSDAY CLASS. In Living With Guns read chapter 6. Answer these questions: In Chicago and D.C. what was the single most important reason for gun violence ? And what caused the decrease in gun violence ? What are some reasons for our high violent crime rate ? What point is made about cars related to gun safety ? What points are made about New York City's police methods regarding guns ?What suggestions are made to lessen gun deaths ? In the text book read these pages in Chapter 5 - 114 to the end. Summarize the perspectives on social institutions. On p. 121 read the article on McDonald's and answer the two questions.

Assignment for all classes due week of April 2nd. In "Living With Guns" read chapter 7. Answer these questions: 1. Gun advocates make the case for more guns. Why ? 2. What flaws are there in this argument ? 3. What was the purpose of the "Minnesota Citizens' Personal Protection Act" ? Minnesota is contrasted with Texas in regard to gun violence. What point(s) are made ? In the sociology text read chapter 7 Deviance and Social Control. There are many theories in this chapter. Give a detailed explanation in your own words of the perspectives. There's a lot here.

Assignment for week of April 9th for all classes. In "Living With Guns" read in chapter 8 pages 209 - 233. 1. What main points does he make for those in favor of more control and for those opposed ? 2. Take the first four suggestions he makes and give your reaction to each. In the sociology text read chapter 10 "Racial and Ethnic Equality." 1. Summarize the section on"Social Construction of Race" and give your reaction to it. 2. Explain what is meant by "Priviliges of the Dominant." 3. Summarize the main points under the Conflict and Interactionist perspectives. 4. How do you view race/ethnic relations today ? 

Test 3 week of April 16th. Covers chapters 5, 7, 10; Living With Guns ch. 8 first four suggestions on gun control;  plus class work/videos.

Assignment for week of April 23rd. This assignment IS NOT TO BE TURNED IN. In the textbook chapter beable to give examples of ascribed, achieved, master status; role conflict, gemeinschaft, gesellschaft.From chapter 8 be able to explain both Marx and Weber's points of view. Read the first three chapters of "THE PEARL" by John Steinbeck. We will be applying the terms just mentioned to the Pearl. You can read the story free online by  searching THE PEARL by John Steinbeck.

Assignment for week of April 30th. Paper on guns due. Check syllabus for instructions. Finish reading "THE PEARL" be able to discuss how Kino's ascribed status affected his ability to sell the pearl. Read chapter 8 in the textbook.