Adjunct Faculty Support and Development

The Office of Adjunct Faculty Support and Development was initiated in 1999 in recognition of the important role that part-time instructors play at Atlantic Cape Community College.  More than 270 instructors are part of the adjunct faculty, teaching in all disciplines and at all campuses.  Atlantic Cape is committed to providing the resources and support needed to enable the part-time instructors to do their job well and to be a part of the Atlantic Cape community.

Among the functions of the office is providing assistance for non-content issues, serving as liaison between the instructors and other areas of the college, providing orientation to the role of part-time faculty and to the policies and procedures of the institution, delivering professional development workshops, publishing the Faculty Handbook and the Adjunct Update, a newsletter published during each semester, and coordinating the annual formative evaluation process.


Who’s Who

Connie Walton, Office Coordinator, Academic Support Services, earned an A.A. degree from Atlantic Cape Community College. Connie supports the following departments with their clerical needs: Business, Computer Information Systems, English, and Social Science. Her office is in Room A139; she can be reached at (609) 343-5046 or

Gerald Fox, Faculty Support Clerk (part-time), Academic Instruction, earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications Studies from Stockton University. Gerald supports the following departments with their clerical needs: Arts/Humanities, Nursing/Allied Health/Physical Education, Mathematics/Science, and ESL. For information concerning advisory board meetings please contact Gerald. His office is in Room A139; he can be reached at (609) 343-5679 or  


E-mail Accounts

We are pleased to announce that all adjuncts have been assigned an e-mail address through Gmail. Now both full-time and adjunct staff have immediate access to the system. All adjuncts are expected to have

  • activated their college e-mail accounts
  • have included the latter on their syllabi
  • and to have been using them as their primary electronic means of communication with the college.


Welcome to Atlantic Cape's Google Apps! Those adjuncts who have used their personal e-mail accounts to communicate with the college or who have allowed their students to contact them by way of their personal e-mail accounts should make the transition, effective immediately. Those who have no previous e-mail accounts are strongly urged to activate their accounts, either on their home computer, on a computer on campus, or on any computer that has a web browser (AOL, Comcast, Verizon, etc.).