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Access to Spring 2019 courses on Blackboard begins on Tuesday, January 22.

Atlantic Cape is dedicated to providing superior academic programs to a diverse community of students. The online education program is designed to make a college education more accessible to those who cannot earn their degree in the traditional method because of work schedules or other responsibilities.

Successful online students are independent learners who can manage time effectively. In online courses, you'll use a computer connected to the Internet to conduct most of your coursework. Through e-mail, discussion boards and online lectures, you and your professors and fellow students gather together for learning that is truly "anyplace, anytime."

Online courses usually have the same start and end dates as the traditional classes, but you should refer to the current schedule of classes to be sure. Once the semester has officially begun, you can log into the course and write a note to say hello to your professor and fellow students. Then, depending on how the class is structured, you'll post comments to class discussions, submit homework, chat with other students and use the Web for coursework.

There are a few different course management systems that Atlantic Cape uses to conduct online courses. Most of the classes use a system called Blackboard which can be accessed right through a common Web browser. This system has e-mail, discussions, chat, online testing and many other features that will enhance your overall online learning experience.

A few other courses use slightly different course managements systems. You will be given very specific information on how to log in to your courses no matter which course management system is used.