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Comprehensive Web Sites

  • Encyclopedia of Psychology
    Provides original information by researchers and practitioners in various fields of psychology. Also, links to Web sites for further information.
  • Glossary of Psychological Terms
    Published by Athabasca University.
  • Classics In the History of Psychology
    Complete texts of significant books, chapters and articles in the history of psychology.
  • Internet Mental Health
    Encyclopedia containing detailed information about 52 common disorders, 67 of the most common psychiatric drugs, diagnoses for a variety of psychiatric disorders, and Internet links.
  • Mental Help Net
    This site purports to be the "largest, most comprehensive guide to mental health online." Created in 1995 by a professional psychologist, it is updated almost daily and has over 7,500 resources. The most notable of the four main headings is "Disorders and Treatments."
  • Psych Central
    This site has been developed by Dr. John Grohol. The heart of this site is the "Psychology Web Pointer" reached by clicking on "Web sites" on the first page. The "Psychology Web Pointer" will bring you to an alphabetical list of web resources evaluated by Dr. Grohol, with outstanding examples starred for easy identification.
  • Yahoo! site for Psychology

Organization Web Sites

  • American Psychiatric Association
    Filled with a wide variety of information on mental disorders, the professional association itself, consumer oriented "Let's Talk Facts" and more.
  • American Psychological Association
    This site has useful information about journals, consumer information, and professional information related to the psychological profession.