Scholarship Q&A

Where do the funds for the scholarships come from and how are they distributed?

Our scholarships are donated to or raised by Atlantic Cape Community College and the Atlantic Cape Foundation. Our Scholarship Committee chooses recipients from the scholarship applications.

When are scholarship applications available?

Scholarship applications for all students are available each December in the Financial Aid Office and other buildings on all campuses. These applications are for scholarships for the following fall/spring academic year.

What are the criteria for the scholarships?

The criteria vary according to the donor. Many require a minimum GPA, some specify financial need, some are for a specific major, etc.

Do I need to apply for financial aid in order to qualify?

No; however, if you wish to be considered for a "need-based" scholarship, you must provide us with your financial information. Every student is encouraged to apply for financial aid.

Is there a separate process for culinary applicants?

Yes and no. Three scholarship applications are available each year. The main application that is available in December is for all students. Culinary scholarships for the following fall semester are awarded based on this application. An application that is ONLY available to culinary students is available in the fall. This is used to determine spring awards. In addition, an application is available in March for the fall semester entering freshman majoring in culinary arts.

Are there any other scholarships for which I can apply?

Yes. The Financial Aid office has applications that are sent to us from other colleges, special interest groups, clubs, etc. Students are welcome to take applications and mail them to the appropriate address. Atlantic Cape also subscribes to a scholarship search engine called FASTWEB. Click on Internet Links & Documents for FASTWEB and other links.