Women of Wonder

The Woman of Wonder Award

Every year when the WOW League comes together to plot our next year’s strategies to fulfill our mission, we recognize an outstanding sister who works or volunteers with at-risk youths in Cape May County. The Woman of Wonder Award is a prestigious acknowledgement of a superhero who goes above and beyond her work or volunteer responsibilities on an ongoing basis. The Woman of Wonder exemplifies a super-hero in action.

Past Women of Wonder

2012 Woman of Wonder: Martina Singleton AKA Oprah Winfrey, CARA

Whether it is at noon on a school day or midnight on a weekend - Martina Singleton is there when you need her! Martina is employed by the Coalition Against Rape and Abuse – CARA – as the Sexual Assault Program Director. But that is just her cover story for her life of heroic actions. She has not only risen up from her own personal history of abuse, she helps to raise our children up out of their situations of abuse and helps them learn to cope with the life altering consequences of violence. For her support, love and work with the COMPACT students, Martina takes her place in the WOW Hall of Fame.

Atlantic Cape WOW EVENT 10-26-11

Tracey Staab, principal COMPACT, Martina Singleton, recipient, and Amanda Paris, former COMPACT student.

2011 Woman of Wonder: Myra Belasco, Lower Cape May Regional School District

Myra Belasco, Counselor, Lower Cape May Regional School District exemplifies an unsung super-hero among us who quietly and without much fan fare is making a huge difference in the lives of our at-risk children. Myra works closely with Cape Educational COMPACT to recommend and support students from her high school to the program. According to her nominator, she consistently goes above and beyond in supporting her COMPACT students. Myra’s dedication earned her a place in the WOW Hall of Fame.

WOW Event

Vicki Clark, Foundation VP, Diane McKoy, Foundation President, Myra Belasco, recipient, Tracey Staab, COMPACT, Freeholder Sue Sheppard, Dr. Pat Gentile