Employee Stories

Greetings Friends and Colleagues,

James SacchinelliMy parents were my inspiration and they instilled in me the desire to reach for the stars!

In my youth, my parents encouraged me to explore the heavens and inspired me to study science. I attended Atlantic Community College for two years. While at ACC, I was an officer of the Science Club and participated in the College Work Study program. I was also the recipient of the Oliver Henderson Memorial Scholarship. I later transferred and my parents were overjoyed and proud when I received my undergraduate degree from Richard Stockton College.

Later, I completed my graduate work at Rowan University with both the support and encouragement of my mother, as my father died while I was in the midst of my graduate studies.
Shortly after graduating from Rowan, an Assistant Professor of Science position became available at Atlantic Cape. My mother was happy for me when I joined the faculty at Atlantic Cape and always thought the college was an excellent institution of higher education that was very well suited to my talents.

I am grateful to my parents for helping me pursue my goals and I am grateful to the college for giving me the chance to fulfill my aspirations.

My parents were there for me. I had great parents who cared about my education and my future. I understand how very fortunate I was to have been given these opportunities. I also realize that many Atlantic Cape students are not quite so lucky and they need a little help making their dreams come true.

As a way to honor my parents and to support the hopes of my students, I have chosen to make a donation to the Create Opportunity Campaign. Through my gift, Atlantic Cape students will see the stars they can reach for and know that my parents, Mary M. and Augustino J. Sacchinelli, helped them do it. Naming the observatory on the roof of the new STEM building is the best way I can think of to show my appreciation for the love and support my parents gave to me and the inspiration they still give me today.

You may make a donation or a pledge by using the Employee Donation/Pledge Form. Click here to print your copy of the form. Please return your completed form to the Atlantic Cape Foundation. For more information or to give online, please visit http://www.atlantic.edu/create-opportunity/.

If you would like to discuss your gift in more detail, please contact Maria Kellett, director of resource development, at 463-3670 or mkellett@atlantic.edu.

Please consider making a gift in honor or in memory of someone special in your life. It is a wonderful way to recognize them for the gifts they have given to you.


Jim (Sacch) Sacchinelli