Construction Management

New Jersey Uniform Construction Code Courses

New Jersey State Uniform Construction Code requires candidates for licensure to complete specified educational programs. The following courses are approved for licensure by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs pursuant to NJAC 5:23-5.20. Courses must be taken in the proper sequence (R.C.S.-I.C.S.-H.H.S.) Up to 75 percent of tuition may be refunded by the State of New Jersey. To qualify for the refund, guidelines must be followed and funding must be available. Contact the Licensing Unit of the Department of Community Affairs for details at (609) 984-7834 or

If you do not see a course you need, please contact us at (609) 343-5688. Community colleges regularly offer Uniform Construction Code classes.

Students must purchase all required textbooks, including the Uniform Construction Code Act and Regulations (blue book). Books can be ordered from the Department of Community Affairs at (609) 984-0040.

Building Inspector R.C.S.

This 90-hour program is designed to satisfy the educational requirements for licensure as an R.C.S. The course also includes laboratory and field experience, including review of plans and inspection of a structure using a model checklist. (9.0 CEUs)

CONS-120 (90 Hours)
Fee: $699 (Text required at additional cost)

  • Section MW01-Mays Landing Campus
    Mondays and Wednesdays beginning September 23, 2015
    (Ending December 21, 2015)
    6-9 p.m.

Building Inspector H.H.S.

This course is designed to provide students with knowledge on advanced structural systems, advanced fire protection systems and advanced mechanical systems. This course is part of the requirement for individuals to be certified in high hazard structures. (6.0 CEUs)

CONS-301 (60 Hours)
Fee: $599 (Text required at additional cost)

  • Section MW01-Mays Landing Campus
    Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning September 29, 2015
    (Ending November 24, 2015)
    6-9:30 p.m.

Fire Protection I.C.S.

This 120-hour program prepares students to obtain licensing in the Fire Protection discipline of the NJ UCC. Coursework includes the building use groups, types of construction, height and area, fire protection systems and means of egress. Students will learn when the building codes require such systems and equipment in new and renovated structures, along with the standards for system installation and acceptance testing. Course textbook information is provided the first day of class. (12 CEUs)

CONS-200 (120 Hours)
Fee: $899 (Text required at additional cost)

  • Section MW01-Mays Landing Campus
    Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
    beginning April 6 (Ending July 8)
    6-9 p.m.

Technical Assistant

The Technical Assistant program is designed for individuals working in a municipality (specifically, the building department) or contractors and their staff who want to understand the construction permit processes required by the state. It provides an understanding of the Uniform Construction Code as it relates to permit processing.

This course covers: UCC Law, Regulations, Administration, UCC Standard Blue Form, Building Print Reading, Reporting and Time Management, Technical Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution, and Critical Thinking. (4.5 CEUs)

CONS-107 (45 Hours)
Fee: $450 (Text required at additional cost)

  • Section MW01-Mays Landing Campus
    Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning October 20, 2015
    (Ending December 10, 2015)
    6-9 p.m.

Subcode Official

Prerequisite: Possession of a license as an inspector of the same type and specialty as the subcode being applied for.

This course ensures competency in subcode administration and enforcement and includes instruction in the following subjects:

• Subcode administration
• Legal aspects of code enforcement, and
• Related legislation

CONS-221 (45 Hours)
Fee: $450 (Book or materials at additional cost)

  • Section MW01-Mays Landing Campus
    13 Thursdays beginning September 17, 2015
    (Ending December 17, 2015)
    6-9:30 p.m.

NEW!  Introduction to Water and Wastewater Treatment – Hybrid Course

This course is designed to train operators in the practical aspects of operating and maintaining water and wastewater treatment plants, emphasizing the use of safe practices and procedures. It includes the importance and responsibility of a water treatment plant operator, sources of water, reservoir management and intake structures, why wastes must be treated and detailed descriptions of the equipment processes used in a wastewater treatment plant. Students will be prepared for future advanced water and wastewater courses as well as licensing tests. Textbooks included. A percentage of this course will be taught online in addition to the classroom hours.

CGRN-101 (180 Hours)
Fee: $1,199 (Tuition $449, Materials $400, Lab $350)

  • Section MW01-Mays Landing Campus
    Mondays and Wednesdays beginning September 21, 2015
    (Ending April 13, 2016)
    6-9 p.m.