Club 50 Plus Workshops

Club 50 Plus offers workshops and seminars designed to enhance the personal, professional and social lives of participants. You’ll enjoy the quality instruction, state-of-the-art facilities and convenient locations in Atlantic and Cape May counties. Join us for a Club 50 Plus workshop or seminar and enhance your life.

Join our club for $5 and get a 20 percent discount on future Club 50 Workshops, Culinary and Professional Development classes through June 30, 2014.
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Introduction to the Personal Computer for Seniors

Designed for the senior citizen with no computer experience, this workshop will guide you through the basics, including the components of your computer and their specific functions. This course also includes a brief introduction to the Internet.

COAP-101 (10 Hours)
Fee: $99 (Tuition $49, Lab $50)

  • Section MW01-Mays Landing Campus, Building T
    5 Fridays beginning March 14 (Ending April 11)
    9-11 a.m.
  • Section MW01-Mays Landing Campus, Building T
    5 Thursdays beginning June 12 (Ending July 17;
    No class July 3)
    10 a.m.-noon

Exploring the World via the Internet for Seniors

Learn about this huge collection of computer networks and its many tools, including using email, searching for people and maps on the Web, and researching information about health issues, travel, shopping, coupons, movies, books, genealogy and senior organizations online.

COAP-139 (6 Hours)
Fee: $59 (Tuition $29, Lab $30)

  • Section MW03-Mays Landing Campus, Building T
    2 Fridays, April 25 & May 2
    9 a.m.-noon
  • Section MW01-Mays Landing Campus, Building T
    2 Thursdays, July 24 & 31
    9 a.m.-noon

Manage, Edit and Email Your Photographs

Have a digital camera but don’t know what to do with pictures once you take them? Learn to move images from your camera to your computer, then edit and resize your photographs for use on the Web or to email to family and friends. Bring your digital camera along with the USB cable.

COAP-144 (3 Hours)
Fee: $39

  • Section MW03-Mays Landing Campus, Building T
    Friday, May 9
    9 a.m.-noon
  • Section CW01-Cape May County Campus
    Thursday, Aug. 7
    9 a.m.-noon

NEW! Organize Your Photos and Videos in the Cloud

Learn to use free services like Dropbox and iCloud to store and organize your digital photos and videos, including how to back up your files in the event of a computer crash. Once they are saved, you will also learn how to use Instragram to share your photos with family and friends.
Note: Macs are used for this class.

COAP-154 (3 Hours)
Fee: $39

  • Section MW02-Mays Landing Campus, Building T
    Friday, May 16
    9 a.m.-noon

NEW! Guitar Basics

Have you always wanted to learn how to play the guitar? Studies have shown that playing a musical instrument can benefit both your mental and physical health. It stimulates the brain and improves memory. Have fun while learning the basics from Eric “Rick” Land of Rick’s Rock Guitar School, who has 10 years of experience playing and teaching. You will learn chords, scales, music theory and your favorite songs. Bring your own guitar, and an electronic tuner is recommended.

FINE-126 (12 Hours)
Fee: $139

  • Section MW01-Mays Landing Campus
    8 Fridays beginning Jan. 17 (Ending March 7)
    10-11:30 a.m.

Beginner Piano

Master the fundamental concepts and basic techniques to play easy melodies in this beginner’s workshop. Proper posture and reading music will be emphasized.

FINE-163 (10 Hours)
Fee: $89

  • Section MW02-Mays Landing Campus
    5 Mondays beginning Jan. 27 (Ending Feb. 24)
    5:30-7:30 p.m.

Intermediate Piano

This class will build on the fundamental concepts of Beginner Piano. Practice playing more melodies by building on basic piano theory.

FINE-164 (10 Hours)
Fee: $89

  • Section MW01-Mays Landing Campus
    5 Mondays beginning March 10 (Ending April 7)
    5-7 p.m.

Fraud Recognition for Seniors

Learn to spot common scams directed at seniors and how to avoid them, including identity theft, email, “knock on the door,” phone encounters and more. Also, learn what to do when you think you have been a victim of a scam or are encountering a scam. Facilitator Tom Davey has 28 years of experience in local law enforcement.

PDEV-117 (3 Hours)
Fee: $39

  • Section MW01-Mays Landing Campus, Building T
    Friday, March 21
    9 a.m.-noon
  • Section CW01-Cape May County Campus
    Friday, May 2
    9 a.m.-noon

NEW! Publish Your Book, Guaranteed

Are you a writer? Do you have a manuscript that you would love to publish? Did you know that many great writers got started by self-publishing? Don’t miss this opportunity to self-publish and market your book. Today’s book publishing technology has evolved, and authors now produce books that are printed, electronic and audio. Learn the free online tools that make publishing easy and make your book project a success.

CEGN-187 (3 Hours)
Fee: $39

  • Section CW01-Cape May County Campus
    Saturday, June 7
    9 a.m.-noon

NEW! iPad Basics

Explore the basics of your iPad by going through its various features and options. In this workshop you will gain a stronger understanding of how your iPad works and how to use different finger gestures and keyboard commands to help you navigate and become more efficient when operating your iPad. This workshop requires you to have an iPad running iOS 7.

COAP-157 (3 Hours)
Fee: $39

  • Section MW01-Mays Landing Campus, Building T
    Friday, March 7
    9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

NEW! Grapes and the Ground They Grow In

Discover the basics of key wine grapes and the major wine producing regions they grow in. After learning how to taste and analyze wine, you will have the skill to identify the differences of Old World and New World wine regions. You will also learn how winemaking techniques, climate and terrior (soil) result in vast differences in the bottle.

Instructors: Paul Tonacci and Mark Callazzo, Atlantic City Bottle Company.

CEGN-173 (10 Hours)
Fee: $109

  • Section MW01-Mays Landing Campus (with field trip to Atlantic City Bottle Company)
    5 Tuesdays, March 25, April 1, 8, 15 and 22
    6-8 p.m.

Atlantic Cape Community College expands effort to re-educate,
retrain older learners.

Atlantic Cape Community College is among 11 colleges recently selected by the American Association of Community Colleges to participate in the Plus 50 Completion Strategy. The colleges involved with the initiative will strive to increase the number of students age 50 and up, especially those with some prior college credits, to complete credentials and degrees that will help them get hired. The new completion effort builds on AACC’s Plus 50 Initiative, which has devoted the last three years to helping colleges improve services and support for baby boomers.

For additional information or to register for a Plus 50 Initiative workshop contact Sherwood Taylor at (609) 343-5689 or