Institute for Service Excellence

The Institute for Service Excellence provides retail, tourism, hospitality and other service industry employees and employers access to training programs that focus on their service-related industries.

  • Recruitment - Graduates of the ISE will receive credentials proving attainment of competencies in sales and service techniques. Our graduates will be ready for employment in a variety of service industries.
  • Education and Training - Training at ISE is geared to providing potential employees the customer service, sales and computer skills needed to enter the field. Vocational English as a Second Language is available for individuals with Limited English Proficiency.
  • Retention - By providing potential employees with strong sales and service skills, ISE  will help the industry to reduce turnover rates.
  • Career Advancement - Incumbent workers will have the opportunity through ISE to upgrade their skills and prepare for career advancement. Upward mobility programs will provide employees with skills for higher wages and advanced careers.

Career Training

Certification Exams

The Institute for Service Excellence helps…

  • Retailers and employers in the tourism and hospitality industries find trained, motivated, professional associates.
  • Workers build customer service skills and credentials to succeed and advance in service sector careers.
  • Trainees develop valuable skills for entry-level employment while meeting academic goals.
  • Educators team with the retail, tourism and hospitality industries to prepare trainees with competencies and credentials for exciting new careers.
  • Customers receive the highest level of customer service from nationally certified and trained workers.

The Institute for Service Excellence provides:

  • Assessment of skills based on industry established sales and service skill standards.
  • Access to public workforce system programs and services.
  • Linkages to academic support and career advancement strategies.
  • Career counseling and support services.
  • Job bank, job fairs and placement services.
  • Job preparation for non-English speaking populations.
  • Workshops on advanced training in customer service, sales and retail.
  • National Professional Certification in Customer Service.

Founding Partners and Affiliates of The Institute for Service Excellence include:

  • Atlantic Cape Community College (Managing Partner)
  • Atlantic Cape May Workforce Investment Board
  • Kravco-Simon Company
  • National Retail Federation
  • New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development
  • Casino Reinvestment Development Authority


A workforce development partnership initiative designed to enhance the skills of potential and incumbent workers in service industries, including retail, tourism and hospitality.


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