Table Games – Quick Start

This course is designed to provide students with easy access and instruction to become a table games dealer. Students will learn the fundamentals and skills needed to have the experience of a lifetime dealing games on the casino floor. Emphasis will be placed on game knowledge, chip value and recognition, along with card handling. Special attention will be given to game security, accounting and pit procedures, as well as the chain of command.

How does Quick Start work? Register online for the Table Games Dealer-Quick Start course. Students print their receipt and begin class on the following Tuesday. Students will inform the instructor which table game they want to learn to jump-start. Register now and select a game.

All Quick Start classes are held at the Worthington Atlantic City Campus, Caesars Entertainment Wing.

Blackjack, Roulette or Baccarat (select one)

Blackjack: This combination course will prepare students for entry into any other primary or secondary game. The first two weeks concentrate on correct chip-handling techniques, identifying the value of each color chip, learning to read the total value of a bet and proper pit procedures. Students will also learn the roles of each position in the casino chain of command. The second two weeks of the course will teach students the fundamentals of dealing Blackjack. Emphasis will be placed on card totaling, chip cutting and handling, card shuffling and card placement. Special attention will be given to game and accounting procedures, accuracy and speed.

Baccarat: This course accommodates the experience, knowledge and skills acquired in previous game training. Emphasis will be placed on commissions and percentages and the ability to calculate them immediately. Customer relations, especially important in Baccarat, will be the focus.

Roulette: This course covers the fundamentals of dealing Roulette for those who already have training in another game. Emphasis will be given to accurate and quick mental multiplication, chip handling, memorization of table layout and accuracy in clearing the table.

CARE-107 (60 Hours)
Fee: $539 (Tuition $504, Materials $35)
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
11:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

  • Section AW01-beginning Aug. 7, 2018 (Ends Sept. 6)
  • Section AW02-beginning Aug. 14 (Ends Sept.13)
  • Section AW03-beginning Aug. 21 (Ends Sept. 20)
  • Section AW04-beginning Aug. 28 (Ends Sept. 27)
  • Section AW05-beginning Sept. 4 (Ends Oct. 4)
  • Section AW06-beginning Sept. 11 (Ends Oct. 11)
  • Section AW07-beginning Sept. 18 (Ends Oct 18)
  • Section AW08-beginning Sept. 25 (Ends Oct. 25)
  • Section AW09-beginning Oct. 2 (Ends Nov. 1)
  • Section AW10-beginning Oct. 9 (Ends Nov. 8)
  • Section AW11-beginning Oct. 16 (Ends Nov. 15)
  • Section AW12-beginning Oct. 23 (Ends Nov. 21)
  • Section AW13-beginngin Oct. 30 (Ends Nov.29)
  • Section AW14-beginning Nov. 6 (Ends Dec. 6)
  • Section AW15-beginning Nov. 13 (Ends Dec. 13)
  • Section AW16-beginning Nov. 20 (Ends Dec. 20)