Alumni Refresher Program

Prerequisite: You must have graduated from a CCI Table Games program more than 3 years ago and not currently be working as a dealer or have not worked as a dealer in the past 3 years. Required documentation: verification of previous games taken with CCI. Students taking this program are required to follow the CCI Student Dress Code. CCI certificate awarded upon successful completion.

CCI Table Games graduates can refresh their skills to gain a marketable edge as they return to the gaming workforce with our Alumni Refresher Program. Graduates may take the refresher program course only for the game(s) they have previously taken with CCI. You will receive 50 percent off the currently published fee for your refresher programs. The Alumni Refresher program is based on seat availability.


  • BLJK-103 (30 Hours) Fee: $280 (Tuition $200, Materials $35, Lab $45)


  • CRAP-201 (60 Hours) Fee: $560 (Tuition $312.50, Materials $35, Lab $212.50)


  • BACC-204 (30 Hours) Fee: $280 (Tuition $200, Materials $35, Lab $45)

Poker and Tournament Play

  • POKR-204 (30 Hours) Fee: $280 (Tuition $200, Materials $35, Lab $45)

Pai Gow Tiles

  • PGOW-207 (30 Hours) Fee: $280 (Tuition $200, Materials $35, Lab $45)


  • ROUL-207 (30 Hours) Fee: $280 (Tuition $200, Materials $35, Lab $45)

Pai Gow Poker

  • PGOW-206 (30 Hours) Fee: $280 (Tuition $200, Materials $35, Lab $45)