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Honors Courses - Current Semester

English 102 - Spring '17

Faculty Name: Rich Russell
Department: English
Course: English 102 (Composition II)

H-FACTOR: In adhering to the general goals of the Composition II course, that students will collect and evaluate data in order to complete a research project, this class will focus on the theme "Dissent in America," examining the writing of protest movements from the 19th and 20th centuries; including Stanton's "Declaration of Sentiments," Douglass' "What to a Slave Is the 4th of July?," Thoreau's "On Resistance to Civil Government," King's "Letter from a Birmingham Jail," Malcolm X's "The Black Revolution," Ginsberg's "America" (poem), protest music, and an examination of the platforms for such groups as The Black Panther Party, The Weather Underground Organization ("Weathermen"), Women's Liberation groups, and the Gay Liberation Front. (All of the above readings are primary texts.) For their research project, students will each choose a different 21st century protest movement (e.g., Occupy Wall Street, The Tea Party, Black Lives Matter) and analyze the rhetoric of the group and examine the group's use of digital communication technologies to deliver its message, drawing a comparison to protest movements of the past. Students will collaborate on creating a digital space to present their work during final exams.

In addition to the 8-10 page research project, students will write two (3-page) papers and a final exam essay as well as weekly in-class responses. All assessment, both formative and summative, is through this written work.

Communications 120 - Spring '17

Faculty Name: Dr. Joy Jones-Carmack
Department: Arts & Humanities
Course: Communications 120

H-FACTOR: COMM 120– Public Speaking is designed to increase understanding of the principles and processes of communicating effectively in public settings and to facilitate the development of public communication, writing, and critical thinking skills.  The Honors Public Speaking course is designed to foster a more sophisticated level of skill development and theoretical understanding of the concepts presented in Comm 120 by using teaching strategies that focus upon the skills of honors students. Emphasis will be placed on different assignments that promote a deeper understanding of the concepts taught in the basic course. Comm 120 Honors will include group interaction exercises and collaborative learning. Speeches will be practiced in small groups in order to get feedback on content and development. Students in this class will also have a chance to read and discuss essays, articles, and famous speeches. In addition, students will complete impromptu speaking exercises to prepare for speaking off-the-cuff and in unpredictable contexts.  Although the Comm 120 Honors course will focus on the fundamentals of public speaking, the course will also include a discussion of organizing for change, social movements, and political rhetoric.  Students will study the rhetorical works of major social movements.  In addition, students in this class will focus on the political rhetoric of modern times and will discuss the importance of leveraging public speaking skills for involvement and change.  

Honors Program Website

Honors Program Student Loungestudents in the honors lounge
Spring 2016

A new Honors Lounge is being created on the second floor of the William Spangler Library, in the study room adjacent to the Art Gallery at the Mays Landing Campus. It will provide a comfortable place for Honors students to meet and study, with a small bookcase for students and faculty to share books.

Honors Courses - Previous Semesters

Communications 120 - Fall '16

Faculty Name: Joy Jones-Carmack
Department: Arts & Humanities
Course: Communications 120

English 102 - Spring '16

Faculty Name: Rich Russell
Department: English
Course: English 102 (Composition II)

Government 110 - Spring '16

Faculty Name: Dr. Augustine Nigro
Department: Arts & Humanities
Course: GOVT 110 (American National Government)

This course will serve as an examination of the American Federal System, including the Constitution, political parties, pressure groups, elections, and the organization and functions of legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government. It meets the General Education requirement for Social Science.

Honors Advisory Board

Full board members:

  • Beth Sanders-Rabinowitz
  • Heather Boone
  • Joy Jones
  • Laurie Lemons
  • Lydia Lehr
  • Marcia Kleinz
  • MJ Bailey
  • Rich Russell
  • Stephanie Natale-Boianelli
  • Dennis Jones
  • Effie Russell

Advisory members:

  • Caesar Niglio
  • Heather Peterson
  • Dolores Giannini

National Collegiate Honors Council