"Cloth Poems"
Art Quilts by Marilyn Henrion

"Unless Something Happens"
68" x 63.5"
Machine pieced, hand appliqued, 
hand quilted.
Silk, cotton, linen, and metallic fabrics.
"Enigma Variation II"
57" x 53.5"
Machine pieced, hand appliqued, 
stuffed work, hand quilted.
Hand painted, dyed and commercial 
cotton and metallic fabric.

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About the Artist and her Work

A graduate of Cooper Union and a life-long New-Yorker, Henrion has been making quilts since 1975 bringing to the craft a strong background in graphic design. After twenty years on the faculty of the Fashion Institute of Technology, she retired in 1989 to devote full time to quilt making activities.

Her award-winning quilts have been exhibited internationally and are included in museum, corporate and private collections. Articles about her work have appeared in the New York Times, the New Jersey Star Ledger, Art Quilt Magazine and many more. Henrion and her work were featured in a segment of the TV program Sunday Morning with Charles Kuralt in May 1991.

Henrion is among 37 artists from ten states and more than a dozen disciplines, including visual and performing arts and literature, to receive a Collaborative Projects Grant from ArtsLink for 1995/1996. Partially finded by tbe National Endowment for the Arts, ArtsLink was created in 1992 to advocate artistic excellence and build individual and institutional relationships between arts communities and to support projects that benefit artists and audiences, both in the US and in Central and Easter Europe, the former Soviet Union and the Baltics.

Henrion's most recent solo exhibition was held at the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington DC in 1996. She currently serves as vice president on the board of directors of Studio Art Quilt Associates, a national organization dedicated to promoting the quilt as an art form.

The Artist's Statement
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