Morey Organization’s President Takes ‘Giving Back’ Seriously

Will Morey

Will Morey

  • Title: President, Morey Organization, Wildwood
  • College Role: Member, Atlantic Cape Foundation Board; Cape May County Chair, Atlantic Cape Capital and Scholarship Campaign
  • Education: B.S. in Finance, Auburn University
  • On Atlantic Cape: “It really has made a difference in people’s lives in so many ways.”

With their spectacular Wildwood amusement piers and water parks, the Morey family has long been synonymous with summertime fun. But giving back to the community, particularly in regard to supporting Atlantic Cape Community College, is something this clan does year-round, and takes very seriously.

The Morey Organization’s current president, Will Morey, joined the Atlantic Cape Foundation Board in 2008. He also is Cape May County Chair for the Atlantic Cape Capital and Scholarship Campaign, and supports the college’s annual Restaurant Gala and Golf Tournament fundraising events.

In addition, the Morey organization supports many activities for kids throughout Cape May County. Morey also is a member of the Wildwood Crest Board of Education, and has served on the boards of numerous health care-related organizations, as well as the Cape May County Chamber of Commerce Board.

Philanthropic Focus Began With Father

His strong belief in the importance of proactive community involvement and philanthropic endeavors began with his late father, Will Morey Sr. After the elder Morey and his brother Bill launched the amusement operation in 1969 on a shoestring, they went on to become wildly successful. The younger Will Morey and his brother Jack took over the reins when the elders passed, and now own three amusement piers and two water parks on the Wildwood boardwalk, along with numerous hotels and motels in the Wildwoods.

From the start, the senior Will instilled in his sons the importance of giving back to the community and helping those less fortunate. He also believed in the importance of education and helping others to succeed.

“Although he was not educated, my dad encouraged others to become educated,” said Morey, who received a B.S. in finance from Auburn University in Alabama. “He was focused on folks who might not have the means to go to big colleges.”

Impressed with Atlantic Cape

One of the many reasons why Morey chose to support Atlantic Cape is because most four-year colleges have much more extensive access to fundraising opportunities. He also feels that Atlantic Cape fills a very important niche for the community overall. “Atlantic Cape is accessible and affordable, so it fills that niche,” he added. “I am also impressed with the professionalism and quality of community colleges. Atlantic Cape has been a necessary stepping stone for folks who have gone on to meet with great success.”

Atlantic Cape has been a necessary stepping stone for folks who have gone on to meet with great success.

Morey acknowledged that community colleges often get a bad rap. But Atlantic Cape, in his opinion, has bucked the trend. “I am impressed with how Atlantic Cape has worked to enhance the reputation of community colleges. They have a very impressive sports program, for one. The College also is a great resource for those in the workforce, who want to enhance their opportunities.”

Morey also sees the big picture in terms of how Atlantic Cape is in a position to benefit the region across the board. “I think a community is about people helping each other. Atlantic Cape helps to enhance people’s opportunities in life. If we are able to help others, they are in a better position to give back to the community. Enhancing opportunities to others benefits us all.”

Supporting the College Brings Returns

Most of all, Morey believes that investing in Atlantic Cape is worth its weight in gold in terms of the returns. “It’s such a leveraged investment, especially in terms of supporting scholarship programs. It goes a long way toward helping people to walk the path toward an associate degree and, ultimately, a career.”

He hopes others will follow his example in supporting the College. “If more people would support Atlantic Cape, that would really enhance the community a lot more. I would like for more people in the community to embrace the College due to the importance of its role, and see it as a valuable resource for charitable giving.”

At the end of the day, Will Morey just likes Atlantic Cape Community College. “It’s an outstanding institution. It really has made a difference in people’s lives in so many ways.”