Alert FM Receivers and Door Locks Bolster Campus Security Measures

Alert FM receivers were placed in classrooms and public areas and door locks were installed on classroom doors at all three campuses. These are two of several measures this year aimed at creating a safer environment for Atlantic Cape students, staff and visitors while on campus. The Security and Public Safety Department, under the direction of the Cross Functional Safe Campus Initiative Advisory Committee, implemented the new initiatives during the 2010 school year.

Alert FM

Should an emergency occur and the college community needs to take action, the FM receiver will be activated with its loud audible alarm, followed by an emergency message advising what action to take. If a lockdown is ordered, students will be securely locked in their classroom until the “all clear” is given.

These programs, coupled with the College’s text messaging, give Atlantic Cape the latest available technology to alert and care for the College community in case of an emergency.

The Cross Functional Safe Campus Initiative Advisory Committee meets monthly under the direction of Bobby Royal, Dean, Worthington Atlantic City Campus, Community Affairs & Security. The committee is charged with reviewing and advising College administration on what security initiatives, programs and technology are available to assist with the College’s goal of assuring campus safety.

Other recent safety initiatives at the College include

  • Funding approved to repair CCTV system at the Cape May County Campus and to initiate the infrastructure for upgrading the CCTV system on the Mays Landing Campus
  • Upgrading the incident reporting system from a manual operation to a web-based, paperless system
  • Hosting an active shooter drill with the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office and county SWAT members