2009-2010 County Officials

County of Atlantic

  • Dennis Levinson, County Executive
  • Gerald DelRosso, County Administrator
  • James Curcio, Freeholder Chairman
  • Thomas Russo, Freeholder Vice Chairman
  • Alisa Cooper, Freeholder
  • Richard Dase, Freeholder
  • Charles T. Garrett, Freeholder
  • Frank V. Giordano, Freeholder
  • Joseph J. McDevitt, Freeholder
  • Jim Schroeder, Freeholder
  • Frank Sutton, Freeholder
  • Sonya G. Harris, Freeholder Clerk

County of Cape May

  • Stephen O’Connor, County Administrator/Freeholder Clerk
  • Steven Hampton, Deputy County Administrator
  • Daniel Beyel, Freeholder Director
  • Ralph E. Sheets, Jr., Freeholder Vice-Director
  • Ralph E. Bakley Sr., Freeholder
  • Leonard C. Desiderio, Freeholder
  • Gerald M. Thornton, Freeholder