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Numerous Construction Projects Under Way at ACCC

Last year, ACCC’s Facilities Management Office polled faculty, students and staff to determine priority construction projects at the College’s three campuses. They identified bathrooms and outdoor lighting as top concerns, so the College is addressing those issues. Some of these projects are funded with more than $4 million in Chapter 12 funds the College receives this year for repair and renewal activities. Ongoing or recently completed projects include:

  • Rutgers moved into the modular classrooms in new “Q Building” this summer. ACCC can schedule classes in the facility when Rutgers is not using the classrooms.
  • The College completed the purchase of the “Fishheads” property adjoining the Worthington Atlantic City Campus. This will eventually allow the addition of more than 70 parking spaces.
  • The Health Professions Institute addition to WACC, a $3 million project, was completed on time and on budget. Healthcare classes will begin in the spring. In addition, a cafeteria, bookstore, information commons and student life area were added to the campus, giving it complete branch campus functionality.
  • The renovation of bathrooms at the Mays Landing and Atlantic City campuses began with two bathrooms in A Building. Work should be completed this month.
  • The $134,000 renovation of B-Courtyard in Mays Landing is complete. This improved drainage and replaced worn concrete and landscaping structures.
  • Parking lots at the Mays Landing Campus were resurfaced and lighting updated and added, the first total overhaul in more than 15 years. Also, lighting was upgraded for safety in the parking lots as well as the access roads. The project cost $1.135 million.
  • The retaining wall around the cafeteria plaza in Mays Landing is being rebuilt.
  • Work updating the HVAC system at Mays Landing East (Building T) as well as the main chiller and boiler on the main campus is under way. When completed, the main campus will have a new chiller and boiler to conserve energy and increase reliability, and the old units will serve as back-ups.
  • Other projects scheduled this year include the cleaning and resealing of all buildings on the Mays Landing Campus.
  • Finally, with the Board of Trustees’ endorsement of Blueprint 2020, the College has solicited requests for proposals for the preliminary building programming and permitting, as well as capital formation plans for the best use of the College’s land assets. These projects will be brought to the Board in the next few months.