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ACCC Mourns Loss of Two Former Faculty Members

ACCC recently planned memorial services to remember the Rev. John Bryant and Chef Educator John Carbone, who passed away earlier this year.

Father Bryant died April 16, just before his 63rd birthday. A service will be held Oct. 16 with remarks from Angel Eguaras, Professor of Mathematics/

Developmental Mathematics; Dr. Peter L. Mora, President; Dr. Arthur Wexler, Senior Dean of Academic Affairs, Dr. Ronald McArthur, Dean of Instruction, and Godfrey Barlatt, Professor of Science and Department Chair, Science and Mathematics.

Father John Bryant

Father John Bryant.

Father Bryant joined ACCC as an adjunct instructor in September 1987 before accepting a half-time faculty role three years later. He served committees for diversity and equity, policies and procedures, faculty development, and the Atlantic County Alternative High School. Father Bryant routinely fulfilled the duties of ACCC chaplain.

The Academy of Culinary Arts organized a Sept. 26 memorial service and tree planting for Chef Carbone, who died June 6 at age 79.

Chef Klaus Muller speaks at the memorial for John Carbone

Chef Klaus Muller speaks at the memorial for John Carbone.

Carbone, Certified Culinary Educator, Certified Executive Chef, and American Academy of Chefs certified, was a hospitality/apprenticeship instructor from 1978-81, and a chef educator from 1981, when the ACA opened, until his retirement in 1997. During his tenure at the Academy, Chef Carbone was well known for his involvement with the students. He acted as the advisor for the American Culinary Federation junior members for many years and served as a mentor for students.

ACA Dean Kelly McClay, Bruce Johns, Director of Culinary Operations, and former Dean Klaus Muller, were among the speakers.