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Annual Appeal Funds to Help Nursing Students

Generous alumni have donated more than $4,300 this year to ACCC’s annual appeal fund, which will provide emergency and supplemental funds for some of the 90 second-year nursing students facing a stiff increase in their lab fees for the fall semester.

For example, one student receives employer assistance toward his tuition and he only had to pay $500 out of pocket in the past. This year he expects to pay nearly $1,800 a semester since his employer won’t cover fees. He has worked 65-70 hours a week this summer to save up. Another student had to take out a loan to pay her tuition and fees because her earnings from her summer job won’t cover the costs of the fall semester, as they had in the past.

Other students are finding they won’t receive enough financial aid though scholarships and loans to cover the costs of the higher fees, which ACCC raised due to the extraordinary cost of the nursing program due to increasing the number of seats in response to the regional labor shortage.

The ACCC Foundation has also set aside $44,000 to support the cost of the program it had previously underwritten for nursing student grants-in-aid and earmarked $10,000 from projected proceeds from a golf tournament fund-raiser this fall for scholarships.

ACCC continues to accept donations from alumni to its annual appeal to support these students. For information, call (609) 343-5634 or e-mail