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ACF Accrediting Team Visits ACA; Accreditation Decision to Come in July

The American Culinary Federation three-person accrediting team visited the Academy of Culinary Arts in April to conduct interviews and observe culinary classes. The team identified numerous strengths of the ACA’s programs in an oral report concluding the visit.

The next step in the accreditation process is for the team to formalize these points in writing and give the Academy a chance to respond. The Academy will learn the status of its accreditation application when the ACF Commission meets in July.

Some of the strengths the team listed were: “The program coordinator is highly qualified to lead the program; highly qualified faculty to facilitate student learning; the program offers outstanding co-op opportunities; and there is evidence of superior student support services.”

According to Chef Kelly McClay, ACA Dean, the students who complete an ACF accredited program will automatically receive the level of Certified Culinarian and or Certified Pastry Culinarian. This is an impressive credential for students entering the workforce. “We are pleased to have gone through the process and are very happy with the outcome,” McClay said. “We are looking forward to July.”