Tuition and Fees

Chemistry student

Tuition and fees must be paid in full or payment arrangements must be made through the business office upon registration for registrations to be processed. Atlantic Cape accepts cash, debit, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, checks or money orders (payable to Atlantic Cape Community College or Atlantic Cape). Payments may also be made via Web-Advisor/Student Self-Service by MasterCard, Visa, Visa/Debit, Discover, American Express, or E-check.  Vouchers and purchase orders also are accepted by a person or agency providing a form or letter authorizing Atlantic Cape to bill for tuition and fees. Learn more about our payment plan.

Typical tuition and fees

The typical full-time student taking 12 credits can expect to pay about $1,962.70, plus any additional required lab fees per semester. A student taking one three-credit on-site course can expect to pay $517.30 plus any additional required lab and insurance fees.

Tuition and Fee cost of earning a degree in the following special degree programs are:

Air Traffic control Terminal, A.A.S. -  $18,801.60

Culinary Arts, A.A.S - $32,928.80

Culinary Arts/Baking and Pastry-Opion, A.A.S. - $33,348.80

Nursing, A.A.S. - $21,801.40

Radiologic Technology, A.A.S. - $31,396.20

Academic Program Costs 2018-2019

Atlantic Cape Academic Year Program Costs

Following is a summary of the basic college expenses per semester. Find out more about required insurance, tuition refunds, and payment plans. Note that the tuition and fees listed are subject to change without notice.

College Expenses

Application Fee - No Charge

Tuition - General education, per credit: (See below for Academy of Culinary Arts tuition)

*Non-residents of Atlantic or Cape May counties are required to file a chargeback form every semester when they register or pay out-of-county rates. A chargeback authorizes Atlantic Cape to bill the student's home county in New Jersey for the out-of-county portion of the tuition. It is the responsibility of the student to verify eligibility for a chargeback with the home county. Forms are available from the local county treasurer's office or community college. Complete information is available from the enrollment services office.

Tuition - Culinary Arts program courses, per credit:

Fee Type Fee Amount
Atlantic County residents $712.00 per credit, which includes $362.00 per credit tuition, $350.00 program fee plus additional mandatory fees
Out of county, New Jersey residents with chargebacks* $712.00 per credit, which includes $362.00 per credit tuition, $350.00 program fee plus additional mandatory fees
Out-of-county New Jersey residents without chargebacks $737.00 per credit, which includes $387.00 per credit tuition, $350.00 program fee plus additional mandatory fees
Out-of-state and out-of-country $775.00 per credit, which includes $425.00 per credit tuition, $350.00 program fee, plus additional mandatory fees

Mandatory Fees - all students, per credit:

Fee Type Fee Amount
General fee payable each semester, per credit, (excluding Online) 24.30
Student activity fee, fall and spring semester, per credit (excluding Online) $1.20
Facilities fee, per credit, (excluding Online)


Information Services Fee (Online only) $7.30

Mandatory Fee - all students, per semester:

Student accident insurance, fall and spring semester$5.50 (Summer $3.50)
Fee Type Fee Amount

Campus Safety Fee, Summer, Fall and Winter/Spring, per Semester



Registration Fee, Summer, Fall and Winter/Spring, per Semester


Special Fees:

Fee Type Fee Amount
Health insurance Currently not being offered, please refer to the College web site for future updates
Professional liability insurance fee, all clinical courses $5.00
Lab fee, Developmental Studies, per course $42.50
Lab fee, English as a Second Language, per course $42.50
Lab fee, light technology courses, per credit $24.20
Studio Arts Course fee, per credit $24.20
Site Visits fee (Fieldwork, Internships, Practicums) per credit $24.20
Lab fee, heavy technology courses, per credit $35.60
Culinary arts credit-by-examination, per exam, non- refundable $260.00
Nursing Clinical fee, per credit $310.00
Certification fee (ALHT 130, CDCC120) $20.00

Air Traffic Control Terminal Program fee, per credit


Aviation program fee $372.00
Simulated Flight Course Fee (AVIT103) $650.00
Experimental Flight Course Fee (AVIT101) $2,313.00
Private Pilot Helicopter Course Fee (AVIT145) (Part 61) $29,635.00
Aeronautical Skills Course Fee (AVIT200) $3,469.00
Private Pilot Course Fee (AVIT210) $15,060.00
Instrument Pilot Course Fee (AVIT240) $11,172.00

Instrument Pilot Helicopter Course Fee (AVIT255) (Part 61)


Instrument Pilot Helicopter Course Fee (AVIT255)            (Teach Out)


Commercial Pilot Helicopter Course Fee (AVIT265)              (Part 61)

Commercial Pilot Helicopter Course Fee(AVIT265) (Teach Out)


Airplane Flight Instructor Course Fee (AVIT278) $7,982.00

Commercial Pilot Course Fee (AVIT280)


Flight Instruction Course Fee (AVIT282) (Part 61)


Flight Instruction Course Fee (AVIT282) (Teach Out)


Multi-Engine Pilot Course Fee (AVIT286)


Helicopter Add-on Course Fee (AVIT288) (Part 61)


Helicopter Add-on Course Fee (AVIT288) (Teach Out)


Radiographic Procedures I Course Fee  (RADX102)


Principles of Imaging I Course Fee (RADX103)


Clinical Radiography Course Fee (RADX104)


Radiograpic Procedures II Course Fee (RADX105)


Principles of Imaging II Course Fee (RADX106)


Clinical Radiology II Course Fee (RADX109)


Clinical Radiology III Course Fee (RADX201)


Radiographic Procedures III Course Fee (RADX202)


Digital Imaging Course Fee (RADX203)


Radiation Biology & Protection Course Fee (RADX204)


Introduction to Advanced Modalities Course Fee (RADX205)


Clinical Radiography IV Course Fee (RADX206)


Clinical Radiography V Course Fee (RADX207)



Testing Fees:

Fee Type Fee Amount
Institutional Credit-by-Exam, upon successful completion, cost will be the current per-credit rate minus the $25.00 testing fee $25
Learning Disability Testing fee $300
Proctored External Testing, per exam


Accuplacer Retest fee $15
Allied Health/Nursing Program Entrance Exam $95
Portfolio Assessment Fee $125

Graduation Fees:

Fee Type Fee Amount
All graduating students $30
Culinary Ceremony


Professional Series Audit Fee $30


Additional Fees:

Fee Type Fee Amount
Allied Health/Nursing Program Application fee $25.
Transcript evaluation fee $25
Returned check service charge $35
Collection fee (delinquent accounts) $30
Deferred Payment Plan fee $25
Deferred Payment Plan Late fee $25
Student ID Card Replacement fee $5


Student outside


Accident Insurance

All students are covered by a mandatory group accident insurance policy. Students are covered during all school-sponsored functions, classes or activities for 12 months. The basic coverage costs $5.50 for spring or fall semesters and 3.50 for summer. For more information, contact (609) 343-5005.


If Atlantic Cape cancels a class, or changes the time, day or date of a scheduled course, students may transfer tuition and fees to another course or elect to receive a full refund of tuition and fees. An official drop must be in writing and postmarked or received by the refund deadlines. Exceptions may be made for extenuating circumstances, which can be documented. Culinary refunds are pro-rated per block cycle. Tuition refunds for all students are calculated on a percentage basis according to the following schedule:

Refund Timeframe Percentage of Refund
Dropping courses before the first day of the semester 100 percent
Dropping courses before the end of the second week of the semester 50 percent
Dropping courses after the second week of the semester NO REFUND

NOTE: Fees are nonrefundable except when a course is canceled by the college. Refund periods for sessions other than the normal 16-week semester (except culinary arts blocks) are proportionate to the length of the session. Contact Enrollment Services at (609) 343-5005, (609) 463-4774, ext. 5128, or e-mail Atlantic Cape Registration for specific refund deadline dates of unusual length sessions.

Payment Plan

Atlantic Cape offers an interest-free tuition payment plan to all credit students for the Fall and Spring semesters only. There is a $25 non-refundable fee. Any student in good financial standing is eligible to apply. Students can now enroll in the payment plan online or in person.

For more information, call the Bursar's Office at (609) 625-1111, ext. 5278, or e-mail the Bursar's office.

The payment schedule by semester is as follows:

Fall 2018 semester:

Payment Plan Type Payment Due Date
25 percent payment: July 10
25 percent payment: Aug. 10
25 percent payment: Sept. 10
25 percent payment Oct. 10

Spring 2019 semester:

Payment Plan Type Payment Due Date
25 percent payment: Dec. 4
25 percent payment: Jan. 4
25 percent payment: Feb. 4
25 percent payment

Mar. 4

Culinary, Nursing, Aviation, and Radiology students:

Payment Plan Type Payment Due Dates
Fall: 20 percent monthly payments June through October
Spring: 20 percent monthly payments November through March

How to Register

PERMISSION FORM:  Excess Title IV Funds