Online Course Tests

The majority of our online courses conduct testing completely online. However, students who are enrolled in online courses may be required to take their tests in the Testing Center. The instructor will set a time frame during which tests are to be taken. For those out of the area, arrangements may be made with a college or certified testing center in your area.

Some important guidelines to remember:

  • An appointment must be made prior to taking the test at the testing location nearest you.
  • Photo identification must be presented before taking test .
  • Student should bring a blue or black ink pen and several #2 pencils with erasers to take the test.
  • Children are not permitted at the testing site.

Instructors will submit the test(s) to the Class Testing Center prior to the test date. Appointments are scheduled only if the Testing Center has received the test(s) from the instructor.

Arranging a Test | Information for Faculty