Faculty Advisors

Email a faculty member to inquiry as to their schedule during the academic year. For a full listing of faculty including phone number and email, please visit the Faculty & Staff Directory.

Arts & Humanities:

  • Dr. Augustine Nigro, Associate Professor, History and Government, Department Coordinator Email
  • Keith Forrest, Associate Professor, Communication Email
  • Rich Gibbons, Associate Professor, History and Government Email
  • Cheryl Knowles-Harrigan, Professor, Art Email
  • Lydia Lehr, Associate Professor, Art Email
  • Dr. Ronald C. McArthur, Professor, History Email
  • Rita Michalenko, Professor, Art Email



  • Richard Russell, Assistant Professor, English, Department Coordinator Email
  • Effie Russell, Professor, English, Honors Coordinator Email
  • Stephanie Natale-Boianelli, Associate Professor, Developmental English   Email
  • Leila Crawford, Associate Professor, English, ALP Coordinator  Email
  • Maryann McCall, Associate Professor, Developmental English Email
  • Vickie Melograno, Assistant Professor, English Email
  • Jay Peterson, Professor, English Email
  • Regina Van Epps, Associate Professor, English Email


English as a Second Language (ESL) and Modern Languages:

  • Gwen McIntyre, Associate Professor, ESL, Department Coordinator Email
  • Susan DePhilippis, Associate Professor, ESL Email
  • Michael Kammer, Associate Professor, ESL Email
  • Judith Otterburn-Martinez, Associate Professor, ESL Email
  • Shirley Shields, Associate Professor, ESL Email


Information Systems and Aviation Studies

  • Svetlana Marzelli, Professor, Computer Information Systems,
    Department Coordinator
  • William Dougherty, Professor, Computer Information Systems Email
  • Loretta Grisi-Dicker, Assistant Professor, Computer Information Systems  Email
  • James Taggart, Professor, Computer Information Systems Email
  • Richard Kalman, Assistant Professor, Computer Information Systems Email
  • Bojan Zilovic, Assistant Professor, Computer Information Systems Email



  • Michele Leacott, Associate Professor, Developmental Math, Department Coordinator, Fall  Email
  • Amy Shelton, Professor, Mathematics, Department Coordinator, Spring  Email
  • Neera Desai, Associate Professor, Developmental Math Email
  • Claude Fortune, Assistant Professor, Mathematics Email
  • Al Jou, Associate Professor, Mathematics Email
  • William Osler, Assistant Professor, Mathematics Email
  • Lenora Sheppard, Professor, Mathematics Email
  • Jed Soifer, Associate Professor, Mathematics Email


Nursing, Allied Health and Physical Education:

  • Myrna Morales Keklak, Associate Professor, Division Chairperson of Nursing and Allied Health Programs Email
  • Deborah DaGrosa, Assistant Professor, Nursing  Email
  • JoAnna Johns, Assistant Professor, Nursing Email
  • Denise Petro, Assistant Professor, Nursing  Email
  • Geralyn Michelfelder, Professor, Nursing Email
  • Lori Monzo, Assistant Professor, Nursing Email
  • Polly Thieler, Assistant Professor, Nursing Email
  • Karen Zaniewski, Associate Professor, Nursing Email


Professional Studies:

  • Karl Giulian, Assistant Professor and Coordinator, Business   Email
  • Dean Wyks, Assistant Professor and Coordinator, Criminal Justice Email
  • Marilyn Malerba Keiner, Professor, Business and Paralegal Studies; Coordinator, Paralegal Studies Email
  • Mark Camma, Professor, Accounting and Business Email
  • John Heenan, Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice Email
  • William Lemons, Associate Professor, Accounting and Business Law Email
  • Paula Manns, Professor, Economics and Business Email



  • Dr. Barbara Heard, Associate Professor, Biology, Department Coordinator Email
  • Dr. Laurie Lemons, Assistant Professor, Chemistry Email
  • Dr. Jolie Master, Associate Professor, Biology Email
  • James Sacchinelli, Professor, Science Email
  • John Stratton, Professor, Physics and Chemistry Email
  • Dr. Zhe June Xu, Assistant Professor, Biology Email
  • Dorothy Filomena, Laboratory Assistant 
  • Terri-Lynn Hamby, Assistant Director, Science Labs


Social Science:

  • Heather Boone, Associate Professor, Social Science, Department Coordinator Email
  • Dr. Curtis Andrews, Assistant Professor, Social Science Email
  • Michael Bolicki, Associate Professor, Educational Psychology Email
  • Kenyatta Collins, Assistant Professor, Social Science Email
  • Carolyn Coulter, Assistant Professor, Social Science Email
  • Donna Marie McElroy, Associate Professor, Social Science Email
  • Dr. Beth Sanders-Rabinowitz, Assistant Professor, Social Science Email
  • Lisa Stein, Professor, Professional Studies/Early Childhood Education and Development Email
  • Dr. Barbara Warner, Associate Professor, Psychology Email