Student success measures are vital in determining how the College is progressing.  Indicators will show if milestones (such as developmental and gateway course success) are being reached, achievement gaps are closing, and students are being retained and subsequently graduated. 

Accelerated Learning Program Data Update
December 2016 (Data from Fall 2012-Spring 2016)

The ALP program consistently results in improved student outcomes in both Composition I and II.  ALP students are more successful that both students who start in the developmental course (Reading/Writing II) and who place directly into Composition I.

Gateway Course Success Chart

ALP students also continue to be retained at higher rates during their first four semesters as compared to the two other groups:

Cohort Retention Graph

Finally, ALP students are more likely to successfully graduate or transfer out than students who begin in the developmental course:

Transfer-Out and Gradutation Outcome Rates graph

Developmental Success Initiatives include programs such as Math Boot Camp and Accelerated Math for Mathematics and the Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) for English


The first hurdle many students must overcome is to successfully complete their developmental math and/or developmental English coursework. Studies have shown students who advance through this sequence quickly are more likely to be retained and graduate.

FTIC ENGL 2 Year Cohort graph

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FTIC Math 2 year cohort graph


After completing (or testing out) of the math and English development series, all students must then also complete the at least one college level math and at least one college level English course, depending on their major. These courses are called gateway courses. Atlantic Cape tracks the gateway completion in both English and math, as shown below.

FTIC Complete Gateway ENGL in 2 Years

FTIC Complete Gateway MATH in 2 Years

The percentage of students who complete their gateway English class within the first two years of college has remained steady around 56%, whereas the math gateway completion has been slowly increasing since 2009 from 26% to 33%.

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There is a strong correlation between students who persist (or are retained) the following semester and successful completion of a degree or certificate.  Because of this, Atlantic Cape tracks students in both Fall-to-Spring retention and Fall-to-Fall, as shown below.

Retention Rates Graph

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Graduation Rates

The final goal for all students entering Atlantic Cape is to earn a credential.  The graph below shows the percentage of First Time in College (FTIC) students who graduate within 3 years of entering has neither increased nor decreased.

FTIC 3 Year Graduation Rates

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