To assure consistency of image, accuracy and quality of presentation, all brochures, flyers, handbooks, posters, printed schedules, programs or other printed materials distributed to the public or general student body must be approved and/or produced by the College Relations Office.

Producing a publication involves many interrelated steps, even if it is to be reproduced in-house. The College Relations staff will work with you closely through the process. Once information is submitted, it has to be edited, sometimes rewritten and approved by the requester. The next steps include design, layout, proofreading, printing, delivery and distribution. In some cases, it is necessary to contract for photographic services.

How long does it take to produce a printed piece?

In general, you will need to allow four to 10 weeks from the time you submit final copy until the printed piece is delivered to the college. Publications may be designed by our graphic artist or by outside graphic design vendors. This part of the process is determined by our work schedule at the time of your request, the complexity of the project and your budget. Reproduction includes in-house copying and printing by outside printers.

The completion of purchase orders and vendor selection takes time. Large or complex projects may take longer.

Outside mailing services, such as stuffing, labeling and stamping, and postal bulk-rate handling time are not included in this timeline and will require an additional two to three weeks.

Starting the publications process

First, decide what you need. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Who is my audience?
  2. What is the best way to communicate this idea to that audience?
  3. When do I need the information to reach this audience?
  4. What is the appropriate budget?
  5. How many copies do I need?
  6. Will the publication be mailed in volume?
  7. What other services are needed? A mail service? A freelance writer?
  8. Who is responsible for overseeing the project? The CR Office will work with that person.
  9. Is there a current Atlantic Cape publication that covers some or all of this topic?
  10. Does our competition have a similar brochure?

The College Relations Office will help you answer all of these questions and select the most cost-effective options for your specific needs.

What next?

Contact the College Relations Office to arrange a meeting to discuss your project. The production process begins when final copy is approved and paperwork has been completed.

Preparing Copy

College Relations will review your initial copy and edit it. Where appropriate, we will write the copy or contract with a freelance writer. Copy will be sent to you for approval, corrections and finalization. Final copy must be reviewed very carefully. Ever word, number and piece of information should be exactly as you wish it to appear in the printed piece. Although changes in copy can be made later, these "author's alterations" are very expensive and will delay the completion of your project. Copy should be submitted electronically and sent by e-mail as an attachment.

Purchase Requisitions

College Relations will work with purchasing to get quotations for printing. It will be your responsibility to get purchase requisitions approved before printing and to process the bill when it arrives.