System of Logos

The single element that unifies Atlantic Cape's printed and published materials, including electronic representations, is its logo. A logo is an external, visual representation of an organization. It serves as a symbol of what the organization stands for and can give the public an indication of that organization's
standard of quality.

Atlantic Cape has established a design system with clear identity guidelines for primary and sub-brand logos (e.g., Academy of Culinary Arts, Casino Career Institute, Health Professions Institute). The following examples represent all permissible type variations of the College's system of logos.

Primary Logo

primary logo

The logo is a single unit including the "wave" graphic and the words "Atlantic Cape Community College."

Atlantic Cape Community College Opportunity Starts Here

Sub-brand Logo A (for use with College Divisions or Schools)

academy of culinary arts

casino career institute

the center for regional & business research

Green Education Institute

health professions institute

Sub-brand Logo B (for use with College Departments)

geospatial workforce education program


continuing education & workforce training

Sub-brand Logo C (alternate use for affiliated organizations and imprinted items)

atlantic cape community college foundation

atlantic cape community college alumni


athletic logos

Sub-brand Seals

Atlantic Cape Community College Seal - The official Atlantic Cape College seal is used in documents of a formal or official nature, such as diplomas and certificates, transcripts, contracts and documents, with the approval of the President or designee. Please contact College Relations if your project requires the use of this graphic.

atlantic cape community college seal

Academy of Culinary Arts Seal - The official Academy of Culinary Arts seal is used with approval of the Academy of Culinary Arts Dean and College Relations.

academy of culinary arts seal

Atlantic Cape Wave Graphic - Use of the wave graphic as a stand-alone graphic element must be approved by College Relations.

atlantic cape wave graphic

One-color logo usage

one-color logo usage examples

Grayscale usage

grayscale usage example

Reversed image of logo and usage

reversed image of logo and usage example