Media Coverage

The College Relations Office is responsible for bringing the college, its people and events to the attention of the media and the public. There are several key factors in the practice of media relations.

The media need your interesting stories and news. However, the media decide what is newsworthy and what will be printed or broadcast. They need time to develop a story idea that interests them. Media coverage is not advertising. We have little or no control over what the media finally print or broadcast and when they print or broadcast it. Many weekly newspapers will run a release verbatim. Others will edit the release and shorten it considerably.

The College Relations Office plans a coordinated institutional PR strategy and offers the various media stories or ideas that will be of interest. This is done by targeting stories to each medium's styles or needs and by developing and maintaining good working relationships with members of the news media.

Channeling all contact with the media through the CR Office is essential and helps to ensure that correct and institutionally approved information is released and made available to the proper sources.

PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT THE MEDIA ON YOUR OWN. If you are contacted by the media, please notify the College Relations Office immediately.

News Releases

In a typical year, the CR Office sends out nearly 300 news releases and media advisories to targeted media. Each release may generate "clips" from several newspapers, resulting in countless opportunities for the public to read in local newspapers and magazines about the many significant events taking place at Atlantic Cape.

The College Relations Office prepares news releases based on information provided by you. Notify CR at least four weeks prior to an event for the best chance of coverage.

Public Service Announcements

A public service announcement (PSA) is a 10-, 20-, 30- or 60-second announcement that radio, cable and television stations may broadcast free of charge for non-profit institutions. The College Relations Office will determine the appropriateness of your information and will write and distribute the PSA.

If you feel your event should be considered for a PSA, please contact the College Relations Office. Three weeks notice is requested. Since this is a free medium, the station chooses whether or not to run a PSA, as well as the time of day an announcement will run.