Paid Advertising

Paid print, radio and television advertisements are placed by the director of marketing, in conjunction with the college's media buying firm. Costs are determined by audience size, preparation of design, size of ad, frequency and days of insertion and rates of selected media. Costs are usually paid by the department requesting the ad.

Steps to take before you decide on advertising:

  • Discuss your advertising needs with the director of college marketing. What do you hope to accomplish with your ad?
  • Advertise
  • Target your market. What is your message? Who are you trying to reach? It may turn out that an ad is not the best vehicle for reaching your target audience.
  • Where should you place your ad?
  • What is your budget?
  • What kind of copy do you need? Provide copy or key concepts.
  • Will you reprint the ad for mailings or internal distribution?

After you've answered these questions, follow these steps:

  • Make an appointment with the marketing director to discuss your needs.
  • Submit a purchase requisition for an ad outlining costs and specifications.
  • Review and approve ad designed by College Relations.
  • Track response to measure the ad's effectiveness. This will help determine future advertising strategies and enables CR to evaluate the ultimate cost of each ad.

E-mail and Web advertising are also requested through the director of college marketing. When requesting ads, allow five weeks for planning, copywriting, design, layout, media contact and placement.

Contact Laura Batchelor, executive director of college marketing, (609) 343-5086 or e-mail