President's Message

Dr. Peter MoraWelcome to Atlantic Cape Community College!

As president, my primary focus is to foster student learning by promoting access, excellence and stewardship for all programs and services offered at Atlantic Cape Community College. In collaboration with the Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, students, and the community, the concepts of access, excellence, and stewardship constitute foundational principles upon which to develop a shared vision for the college aimed at enhancing student learning on a comprehensive basis.

With the initiation of statewide community college systems following the Truman Commission Report (1947), the ongoing challenge of maximizing access for diverse constituent groups, while maintaining quality educational standards, has been one of the most demanding with respect to fulfilling the mission. Truly effective institutions demonstrate the ability to incorporate both access and excellence into the mission, goals, and daily operations of the college. In fact, Atlantic Cape’s current Mission Statement clearly states that the college is committed to both access and excellence. It is my intention to build upon this significant ongoing institutional commitment to these principles in my efforts as president.

I have been strongly committed to the concept of stewardship during my thirty year career in community college education. Simply put, it suggests that leaders of publicly funded community colleges have the responsibility of enhancing the resources and capacity of the institution to make it more effective and efficient in meeting the needs of future generations. The concept of stewardship should also provide a conceptual framework for planning and managing both the strategic and operational activities of the college. Here, one could ask how current or proposed programs and services enhance efforts to meet mission-based needs into the future.

I also affirm my commitment to use transformational leadership strategies to create a shared vision for Atlantic Cape Community College. In my view, creation of a shared vision is accomplished through a three-stage, cyclical process. First, through a series of formal and informal planning dialogues, involving all internal and external stakeholder groups, a shared vision can be developed. Next, that shared vision serves as the guiding force for the annual planning and budgeting process. This step integrates the shared vision into the management and assessment systems of the institution. Finally, I serve as the primary resource person for articulating this shared vision to both internal and external stakeholder groups and to the general public. In this stage, I am able to foster the empowerment of all members of the college community to articulate the shared vision of the institution when communicating with both internal and external stakeholders.

Finally, it is essential to the success of the college that the president and the governing board establish an effective working relationship. I am committed to developing a strong, trust-based relationship with the Board of Trustees of Atlantic Cape Community College. This effort has included reaching consensus on mutual expectations between the president and the Board regarding respective roles. Of course, ongoing, effective formal and informal communication between the president and the Board is the foundation for building and sustaining a strong relationship.

Atlantic Cape is a special place with a compelling history and an exciting future! Welcome!


Dr. Peter Mora, President