Procedure No. 504.1, Supplement 1

Area: General Administration

Adopted: 08/06/08

Revised: 9/24/09

Description: President’s Office Coverage Plan, Supplement 1

President’s Office Coverage Plan

  • During absences by the President, the President's Office staff will be available to provide suppor to the Vice President and/or his/her doctorally prepared designee.
  • Senior Staff and the Board of Trustees will be informed by the President's Office staff when the coverage plan is enacted.
  • The Purchasing department will be alerted by the President's Office staff to provide management information system approval privileges to the Vice President and/or his/her designee.
  • Communication with the Board of Trustees and Board Secretary will be directed through the President's Office.
  • In the event of an emergency, potential crisis or controversy, the Communications Crisis Plan will be utilized.


Reference Materials:

  • Executive Level Emergency Call Chain (maintained by the President’s office)
  • Emergency Management Plan (maintained by Security)
  • Board of Trustees Membership Address Listing (maintained by the Board office)
  • Evaluation and Closing Procedures (maintained by the Facilities department)
  • Communications Crisis Plan (maintained by College Relations/Marketing department)