Procedure No. 902.6
Area: Facilities Management

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:

Description: Safety and Emergency Rules

  1. No employee or student should neglect an injury of any kind, no matter how small. The College maintains facilities for the care of injuries, and employees and students should report promptly to the dispensary for the treatment of any injury suffered at the College. Employees must report in order to be covered by Workers' Compensation insurance.
  2. Any type of horseplay on the job is prohibited.
  3. Machines must be operated with guards properly in place where provided.
  4. Machines must be "stopped" for repairs, except in special cases approved by the Director of Facilities Management, or when the machine is being run in an experimental category under the supervision of the Facilities Management Department.
  5. Atlantic Cape Community College has a total "no smoking" policy. Smoking is not permitted inside any college facility or vehicle.
  6. The wearing of open-toed shoes or sneakers and any other personal apparel, or lack of personal apparel, that is hazardous to the employee on the job is prohibited. The decision of what is hazardous will be made by the Supervisor.
  7. Employees must use protective equipment and wear the designated uniform supplied by the College for their jobs.
  8. Goggles, safety glasses, or eye protective shields must be worn by all employees on all compulsory eye-protection jobs and by employees engaged in other hazardous operations involving flying objects or hazardous liquids.
  9. Only air nozzles authorized by Facilities Management are to be used for cleaning or blowing off.
  10. Any employee or student illegally discharging or removing any type of fire extinguisher from its assigned area or illegally using any other fire equipment in an act of horseplay will be subject to disciplinary action, including possible dismissal.
  11. All College vehicles must operate at a speed not to exceed 25 miles per hour around campus. When vehicles are in operation outside the campus, municipal and state motor vehicle laws must be obeyed. Vehicles driving within the quad (on the paths) shall not exceed 5 miles per hour.
  12. The use of profane, abusive, or threatening language toward fellow employees or supervisors, fighting, or threatening bodily harm to other employees is prohibited.
  13. The possession or consumption of narcotics, liquors, beers or wines on or in college property; or appearing on or in college property under the influence of narcotics, liquors, beers or wines; or giving the appearance of being under the influence of narcotics, liquors, beers or wines in any degree whatsoever shall render an employee or student subject to disciplinary action, including dismissal. Giving the appearance may include, but not be limited to, slurred speech, glassy eyes, smell of liquor, beer or wine, poor eye-hand coordination, poor muscle coordination (staggering) and confusion or failure to comprehend instructions.

These rules cover areas of major concern in the all-College safety program and will be changed as conditions warrant. Additional rules specific to particular jobs will be passed on to employees from supervisors. Violation of any rule subjects employees or students to disciplinary action (under "due process" conditions).


Community Use of College Facilities No. 902.7

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