Procedure No. 902.5 - Supplement 1
Area: Facilities Management

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:

Description: New Construction (New Facilities, Additions or Major Alterations)

Usual Steps in the Construction of a New Building

  1. Designation of an ad-hoc Building Planning Committee to consider and decide upon space needs and the special features to be incorporated in the new building. After this phase the committee will continue to be consultive with the architect in Step 4. This committee should be composed of representatives from the Planning and Facilities Management Plant Offices.
  2. Financial planning to consider alternative financing methods and the requirements thereto, and to provide budgetary guidelines to the Building Planning Committee and the architect.
  3. Designation of the architect (and engineers) by a selection process if the College does not have a regular or pre-selected architect.
  4. Preparation of design plans and working drawings by the architect in consultation with the Building Planning Committee.
  5. Satisfaction of zoning boards, local codes, planning commissions, environmental impact regulations, etc.
  6. Approval of final plans and cost estimates by users, administration, and trustees.
  7. Instituting the bidding procedures and award of contracts.
  8. Assurance of full and adequate insurance coverage by all parties.
  9. Construction.
  10. Preparation of reports required by the financing agency, if external.
  11. Purchase of movable equipment and furniture.
  12. Landscaping.
  13. Performing final inspections, making up punch lists and obtaining a certificate of occupancy.
  14. Obtaining as-built drawings for the College records.


Safety and Emergency Rules No. 902.6
Community Use of College Facilities No. 902.7

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