Policy No. 704
Area: Business Services

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:

Description: Sources of Supply for Purchasing

Preference as to the placement of orders will be given to vendors located within the county or state as long as this does not result in higher cost or poorer service to the College.

The College is committed to outreach programs which ensure participation of small business, minority owned business, and women owned business in the institution's procurement process. Goals established to monitor programs parallel the state's Set-Aside Program:

Identification and recruitment of vendors
Tracking activities
Piggy-backing on state contract awards

I. Identification and Recruitment of Vendors (small business, minority owned business, and women owned business)

A. Send correspondence to all current vendors requesting that they (if applicable) register with the New Jersey Department of Commerce. Documenting their status will not only provide us with information we need for tracking, but also make the vendor known to all state agencies with purchasing or contracting authority.
B. Request to be on mailing lists for New Jersey Department of Commerce registered vendors.
C. Inquire as to subscription and charges per usage to Set-Aside Vendor Inquiry.
D. Utilize minority business services directories.
E. Advertising in New Jersey Minority Business Journal.

The Purchasing Office is authorized to procure materials, supplies, or equipment under contracts of the New Jersey Division of Purchase and Property according to current regulations of the Division and may do so without advertising for bids.

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