Procedure No. 503.1 - Supplement 1

Revised: 09/06/16

Atlantic Cape Community College


Form to be completed by Resource Development Department  


Name of Funding Agency and Grant or Competitive Contract Opportunity:  

Name of RFP Reviewer:

 Department(s) Grant or Competitive Contract Would Support:  

Name of Staffer to Lead Project:  

Amount of Grant:  

Deadline for Submission:  

Proposal Development Timeline and Milestones:

 Institutional Goals and Objectives Supporting Grant:  

Targeted Population

:Level of Service: 

Purpose of Grant:

 Identify Potential Barriers:

 Identify/Forecast Any Obligations that Atlantic Cape Would Incur in Accepting Grant: Recommendation: 

Additional Grant Information for Board Resolution: 

a.  Is there a match?        _____YES       _____NO    If yes, identify possible source(s)   

b. College In-Kind contributions:  

c.  Date grant period starts:   

d.  Date grant period ends:


Grant Procurement/Administration No. 503
Grant Procurement/Administration
No. 503.1
RFP Grant Review Form, Supplement 2
No. 503.1s2
Acquisition, Use and Disposal of Perkins Equipment No. 503.2
Procedure for Letters of Support Related to Grant Applications No. 503.3

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